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Name:V: Visitors, Victory, and Alien Lizard Babies
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:For fans of both classic and new 'V'
The Original: Alien Lizard Babies, Anvils to the head THWOP!, Nazis from Spaaaaaaace!, Marc Singer's ass.

The New: Actors from Firefly, Anvils to the head THWOP!, Cultists from Spaaaaaaace!, Elizabeth Mitchell's ass.

The Rules:
  • Post anything you like, as long as it's related to either new or old V.

  • Icons posts are allowed 3 preview icons, large (over 250x250px) graphics go behind a cut, long posts (if you need to scroll to read it, it's long) should be cut.

  • Don't be nasty to each other.
That last may seem a bit vague, but I trust y'all. Dreamwidth's diversity statement should give you a good feel for the overall vibe we're aiming for here: racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, and other prejudiced crap is Not Okay and can get you banned. Personal insults are Not Okay and can get you banned. Aside from those things, you're probably fine. We operate on a 3 strikes rule around here, because everyone messes up sometimes, and it's not usually the end of the world.

If you have any questions or need to contact a mod, feel free to leave a comment on this post, send a private message, or e-mail me.

Interests (93):

abraham is cooler than you on at least one level, alan tudyk, alien sexytiems, aliens, allegory, andrew prine, are you sirius?, balloons as deadly weapons, ben taylor, blair tefkin, brian, caleb taylor, chad decker, cheese, conversion, dale maddox, daniel bernstein, dennis mccarthy, diana, elias (eli) taylor, elizabeth mitchell, erica evans, evan kim, fascism, father jack landry, faye grant, fifth column, friends of the visitors, ironside!, it can't happen here, jace hall, jane badler, jeffery bell, joe harnell, joel gretsch, julie parrish, kenneth johnson, laura vandervoort, liberation day, lizard babies, logan huffman, lourdes benedicto, marc singer, martin, michael ironside, mickey jones, mike donovan, mike's burrito, miniseries, morena baccarin, morris chestnut, om nom nom rodents, peter nelson, propaganda, red dust, remakes, resistance, richard herd, ridiculous fight poses, robert englund, robin maxwell, ryan nichols, sci-fi, science fiction, scientology, scifi, scott peters, scott wolf, sinclair lewis, skin-tight acid washed jeans, soylent green is people!, space nazis, stack pierce, star child, steve pearlman, subversion, supreme commander, the 80's, the visitors, to serve man, tony is all tapped out, tyler evans, v, v the final battle, v the series, v: the final battle, v: the series, valerie holt, victory, visitor, visitor cadet, visitors, we are of peace always
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